Best Amazon Product Research Tools

Discover what profitable products you can start selling today!Find Amazon Products You Can Profit From, Fast and Without Guesswork.Find Opportunities backed by the most reliable Amazon sales data in the Industry and avoid expensive mistakes.

You Have to Work on Your Business, Not In It

Boring. Yeah, you’ve heard it before. But for Amazon it’s more true than ever. Individuals are commanding massive wealth and cashflows, all without touching the product or worrying about the little details. Automation and software is the key. Here are my tools of the trade.

Jungle Scout Web App

Your secret weapon to making smarter product decisions and outpacing the competition before and after you launch your FBA business.The webapp provides a custom filter system for searching Amazon products and a huge database of information. You can choose categories, target BSRs (or Best Seller Rankings), sales, reviews, sizes – the options are vast.

This makes finding profitable products easier – way easier honestly. It’s almost scary. But I start here searching for my brand. After setting filters, everything fits my criteria for successful private label products.

The Product Database
Putting Amazon’s entire catalog at your fingertips. Filter products across multiple categories by demand, price, estimated sales, rating, seasonality, dimensions and more to pinpoint the best products to sell.
The Niche Hunter
Calculate any niche’s Opportunity Score revealing the top 10 sellers’ metrics and Listing Quality Scores for any keyword.
The Product Tracker
Monitor competitor activity, pricing and inventory with a click. Say goodbye to manually inputting data and duct taping reports with spreadsheets! And say hello to streamlining how you run your business!

Find lucrative niches and products across the entire Amazon catalogue.

Filter Amazon’s entire database by category, price, sales, and more to find untapped gems you can capitalize on.

Plus, track any competitior’s activity over time. Be confident sales are there before you invest.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout is a Chrome extension which saves you hours. It automatically pulls BSR stats, seller data, review reports and estimated sales and revenues of all the products showing in an Amazon search. I used to manually open and search every listing. This is a must have for serious sellers.

Kickstart your product research and validate product ideas with
real-time metrics as you browse Amazon.
Newest Numbers
When you’re looking to uncover the next gem in Amazon’s jungle, getting up-to-the-minute information you can trust is critical.
The Chrome Extension makes checking stats on the fly quick and easy, so you can validate your insights with historical data.
Product Specific
It’s great for digging deep on specific products. View price, Best Sellers’ Rank, FBA Fees, estimated monthly sales and more without leaving your browser.

Explore and validate product ideas as you browse.Get instant product insights on any page as you browse.
With a click, you’ll see each product’s price, estimated sales, review count and more for an accurate comparison on the fly.

Jungle Scout Reviews

It’s best to start by selling in a category you are familiar with, or have an interest in.

Once you decide, it’s easy to locate manufacturers and wholesalers to supply you.


I use the chrome extension all the time, and love it! That’s just a one time payment and once you have it, you will use it all the time, so worth it to me!
I tried their other monthly membership plan for a few months, but it just didn’t do much for me. I had a lot of trouble actually discovering products that I hadn’t thought of on my own. After the first week I forgot about it, and just realized last month that I was still being charged for it, so I cancelled.
Also, if I were interested in a product, it was way easier to just run a quick search on amazon and use the JS plugin to see how similar items were doing.


Startup, Standard and Business Plans – Which is best?

The difference between the startup and other plans is that the standard and business plans also give you access to the Niche Hunter and allow you to track more items. I saw some reviews on YouTube that said that the Niche Hunter wasn’t very useful, so I decided to just sign up for the Startup plan.

The Startup plan has everything you need to search for a product to sell and you’ll mostly be using the Product Database and Product Tracker anyways.

I cannot say enough about Jungle Scout. These people go out of their way to help you succeed. I am new to selling on Amazon and Jungle Scout has been the most informative and helpful source that I have come across.


Jungle Scout is an essential app for those who are welling to get into E.commerce and specially Amazon seller platform, gives you all support to decide which and what .
I am enjoying it and appreciate the technical support that helped me alot to decide my products that i will work on.


AMAZING! I just started out with Amazon and JS makes it really easy and takes away all the frustration! Not only the software, also the free video series “Million Dollar Case Study” is outstanding! There’s no need AT ALL to buy any other course or program, rather invest in JS software and you’re perfectly set to have a fun and successful start with your business!


This tool is very needed when you are going to be the best in selling products on Amazon. This extension works quickly so you can save your time. And there is a new exellent colomn – competition score.Very useful.


When I first discovered Jungle Scout I had an extremely biased view of webinars and youtube. However one lives in hope, that one day, one can find a diamond in among the dross.
I do believe that finally, I may have discovered the diamond that I was looking for.


Great Product, made life finding private label product so much easier. This cut down on so much time as far as picking a nich. I am super excited to keep using it and find markets I can enter into.

We are using Jungle Scout for about 2 months right now. Its really a time saver and through the web app, we have access to Amazon DB with an amazing filter capabilities…like show me the products under this category that have less than 4 sellers and a net profilt greater than 15 and… pretty awesome. we highly recommend it.



I don’t think I have ever revised anything in my life but I had to do thi! ITS AMZING! EXELLENT! WONDERFUL! THE BEST OF THE BEST! I can’t couldn’t wouldn’t stop praising jungle scout and it’s team! Tum about to buy their web app but let me just say this.. their blog, case studies, live q and as, million dollar case studies(US+UK) sessions, their “how much you need to spend upfront” blog, their detailed video on how to start selling a and everything else is just beautifully put togeting making people’s life so much easier. I feel like crying with joy when my hardest of times I receive this virtual help from them. I can’t sometimes believe that all of this is free. I wouldn’t have the heat to have this amazing content put out there for free. THNK you Guys! Thanks so much! And I’ve made up my mind.. if my business funds well and I have more money than I need I am DEFINITELY donating in the charities they have created. This would be me saying thank you to them for all their help.


I was first introduced to Jungle Scout by someone as a recommendation for finding potential product ideas to sell on Amazon. They really talked it up but as I wasn’t ready to move into the business yet I didn’t think much of it until a few months later. When I actually did start selling on Amazon I remember people telling me about every “must have” tool but I was on a budget and could only afford things in the beginning I saw as essential. To be honest, I um’d and ah’d about whether or not to go with Jungle Scout but I’m SO GLAD I DID. It has been one of the best investments in my new business and has helped me fast track certain aspects of my startup.


*After sign up I had a technical question about integration with my Amazon account and I received one of the best tech support replies I’ve ever had from any company.
*Greg’s generous (FREE) blog posts and video training series have been essential viewing for me to get up to speed on several aspects of this business.
*The Chrome plugin is rock solid and not unstable in anyway – and the new update just released is even easier on the eye. It really makes viewing key data so much quicker and easier.
*The Niche Tracker and related parts of the web app are very useful when making product purchase decisions.
*The price is fair and reasonable for what you’re paying for in my opinion.


All in all I’m extremely happy with Jungle Scout and would recommend them to anyone wanting a stable toolset to help with Amazon product buying/selling decision making.


JS is a great tool to enable you to save time in product/niche selection PRIOR to investing any money or resources in (possibly incorrect) products!

JS helps to mitigate risk in the long run – a consideration for every business.

The more information you have up-front, the better business planning you can do.

Highly recommended product. Highly recommended group of people.


Junglescout’s products are my tools in finding a product to sell successfully on Amazon’s FBA program. Even more important is their fast, friendly, competent and helpful customer service. Last but not least when buying their products you contribute to their case studies where all the proceedings go to charity… I have not seen that anywhere… and Greg writes by far the most engaging emails… Go for it!


amazing tools, amazing people behind company, no need to go anywhere all knowledge to become successful private label amazon seller is given free of cost, any question concerned always gets response from team truly the best in market as far you need to get success on amazon.


Great service, a must-to-have for an Amazon seller – tightens the search for products and gives you great ideas for products you would have never thought of yourself.
One downside tho, it is not cheap and contains a monthly fee besides the one-time fee.
Also I must say the YouTube channel and blog of Jungle Scout is great and very educating, which is given absolutely for free!.
Keep up the great work Greg and his fella’s!.


I really love the product a lot of thought went into developing something that is made so easy for us. The you tube videos are great showing every step how to be successful the only thing you haven’t covered or very few others have covered that I had a really hard time with was setting up a legal buisness in detail. I ended up going with legal zoom and for a little bit of money they set everything up for my state California. Your customer service is top notch answering all my questions. Thanks for everything Jungle Scout.

This program is very easy to set up and to use. It gave me the confidence on going forward with my product research even I don’t exactly know what I’m doing. So I don’t go in this business blindly. Thanks Jungle Scout.


Wow! What a great tool! JS takes the guess work out of selling on Amazon! Can not have asked for better customer support! I especially love the Military discount they provide.