Jungle Scout Reviews 2018

In this Jungle Scout review, you’ll learn how to make Amazon product research EASY.
Need help with your Amazon product research?

I personally use Jungle Scout for all of my product research on Amazon for my own products, and so does my partners with the products that we sell together. It’s quick and easy to use, allowing you to make faster decisions during the often stressful process of finding a product to sell on Amazon.

Jungle Scout has been one of the tools that has help me on both affiliate marketing and Amazon FBA. Itย has been a fruitful journey and with the help of Jungle Scout, myself and my partner, Cena have done reasonably well. To cut story short, we did badly on Amazon FBA initially and have got o idea on how to get started on Amazon FBA. So we ended looking into Jungle Scout to figure out what went wrong with our project.

In this video blog, I share with you how to make Amazon product research EASY by using a powerful software called Jungle Scout.

In this Jungle Scout review, I will give you a step-by-step tutorial of how to use Jungle Scout and all of the amazing benefits of it.

We followed Jungle Scout and invested our time and money to learn about the algorithm of Amazon FBA and progressively, did pretty well. Initially, we could not find a sale on our product but after learning and applying Jungle Scout, we got the result.

Letโ€™s get on to review this product.

Honest Jungle Scout Review

I’m going to share with you my honest review of Jungle Scout and whether it’s worth buying.

I’ve been using it for several months now, so I’ve seen it in action and had a considerable amount of time to weigh any pro’s and con’s.

I will say that Jungle Scout is by no means required to have in order to sell on Amazon. You can do all the research yourself, without using a tool such as Jungle Scout. That’s what I did with my first product that I started selling on Amazon, which is doing just fine.

However, if you struggle in finding a product to sell on Amazon and find yourself stressing out about the Amazon research process, then I believe it’s worth it. And it’s especially worth it as a long-term investment, since you’re only paying a one-time fee for Jungle Scout.

I have found Jungle Scout to be really amazing to deal with since I joined. I didn’t expect to get the fantastic education material that they provide to members which was a huge bonus for me. I find their actual product really easy to use (I’m not overly good at technology) and their chrome extension is a great tool that has helped me immeasurably. The thing that makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd is their amazing customer service. If you have a problem and email them they send you an automated reply very quickly which is great as you know they have received your query then shortly after they get in touch with you to help solve your issue if you haven’t been able to sort it out using the Knowledge Base. I can’t speak highly enough of their professionalism and integrity. Cheers!


As a new starter with Amazon I find Jungle Scout invaluable. Watching the progress of the Jungle Snug has made it very clear about the processes and expectations. Many thanks for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and experience so freely.


Whoever wants to make a decent living through online marketplace like Amazon, simply trust Jungle Scout for the selection of products and keep following the guidelines from JS University…then what you sense is truly Amazing…!!!


I have been both very impress with the Jungle Scout products and even more with the professionalism of their Customer Support. No matter how dumb your question or bizarre your issue, they have always took the time to assist me and provide clear thoughtful responses. The product functionality speaks for itself in terms of helping me identify potential products to market to it’s the talk of social media as the must have tools.


I really love this software!! At first I was not liking the web app because I was just following the videos on Youtube on what criteria to search under. I realized how to search for products in different ways and the door flew wide open. The Chrome extension it amazing!!

Just remember, If you search the same way that everyone else is searching then you will get the same results. ๐Ÿ™‚


Jungle Scout provides the best tools for finding profitable niches and products to sell. It’s simple, quick, and very easy to understand. The web extension allows you to get all the stats you need from a search to see if a product is worth further looking into. Don’t have any ideas on what to sell? The product database allows you to set simple parameters such as Price, Amazon Sales Rank, Estimated Sales per Month, Estimated Monthly Revenue, and Listing Quality to find profitable products that are selling but could be done better by someone willing to put in the work. And the product tracker will allow you to automatically retrieve real, daily sales stats for as long as you want to track the product. I highly recommend that anyone looking into selling through Amazon FBA, or any other market, sign up with Jungle Scout.


I am very excited to be using the Jungle Scout web app and Chrome Extension in my entrepreneurial ventures to start an Amazon FBA business. As Levi’s was to the gold miners, Jungle Scout is to the new Amazon FBA retailer – selling us the tools we need to be successful!


Great Customer Service

Quick responses, very friendly and helpful.

The tool itself works quite well. Of course, compared to other sales velocity algorithms, one can’t be 100% sure about the averaged 30-day sales, but I have an inkling that it’s pretty accurate.

I really, really appreciate that it’s quite user-friendly and intuitive.

(And I’m looking forward to having data in the Product Tracker become downloadable in the future ๐Ÿ™‚


Honestly, they have developed a brilliant set of tools which will 100% Improve the way we use amazon from a seller point of view!!! It really goes without saying that if anyone, and I mean ANYONE, wants to get serious with selling on amazon and in the mean time save A LOT of time, Get Precious informations and learn everything else there is about every STEP of the way, my strong and bold suggestion would be that Jungle Scout is a MUST HAVE. Their tools, their case studies, their support and their knowledge is just precious. I would never put a price on that.
Also the support is just amazing!!! Their really go the extra mile to help us with every issue we have. In my case they definitely did it (Really Thank you Regan!!!).
With that being said I trust you “future amazon seller” to come aboard and experience Jungle Scout from every point of view.


I am new to Jungle Scout and have found it to be an adventure so far as I pursue a second career in FBA private selling. I have found that for the time I save with their web service and extension, I am definitely getting my money’s worth. This is why I give it 5-stars. You get what you pay for, and what you get is a perfected product that saves hours, if not days and weeks of possible work sitting at a computer. And I do appreciate their 14-day money back guarantee, and found myself downgrading from the JSPro to Lite version without any hassle and received $100.

I do find it somewhat of a premium service however. Competitors exist and they offer their services for free or even for a 30-days trial without reservations. I would have liked to have seen the 30-day trial or some other incentive. My point is this: JS is not fully clear about all you may end up spending. Yes, you pay JS prices, but Amazon also has a series of prices that jump on you quickly. It is not just $39.99 to sign up for the service, or $97/197 for the Chrome extension. Amazon charges off the bat $39.99 as soon as you sign up to sell, and FBA has premium services not included in that $40monthly fee. JS is not connected to Amazon directly but it is certainly an agency that encourages selling on Amazon. So keep that in mind that your hidden fees UNRELATED to Jungle Scout spring forward quickly. Amazon monthly fees, FBA fees, and then all you can afford to put into a product with a manufacturer etc. It adds up quickly within the first two weeks of using the JS services.

It is definitely a helpful web service and an online extension. I would like to see an app for my mobile device/tablet. I can access the web services on my phone and tablet when on the go but not the extension. I have to be at a computer with my chrome browser open to access it. It would be nice to have an optimized Amazon App (which exists as a regular version at the moment) that includes the JS extension.

New people beware and I cannot stress this enough. It is a great service but it is a premium service compared to competitors and it is not always clear from the educational material that major costs will occur as a result of joining on as an FBA seller with Amazon.


You would be hard pressed to find a more useful tool set for estimating, tracking, and ultimately investing in niches and products with the best possible potential for success.
The support and guidance that is made readily available to go along with the JS program makes choosing this essential product a no-brainer.
Yes, I would definitely recommend to anyone serious about wanting to sell on AMZ as one of the very 1st and very necessary tools for your business.


I have used the software and it has done the job flawlessly as well as made life easier with researching. Furthermore, i quite like the free tutorials and Million Dollar Challenge which shows a humane side of the business community.


I was looking for a way to make money online for some time and had come across too many stumbling blocks to take the plunge. Would it sell? Where would I store it? How do I price it? Too many unaddressed issues. Jungle Scout opened up the possibilities by revealing the cool, hard statistics. With a little digging I could uncover a good selling product as opposed to a woeful one and be able to analyse the risks of competition and margins etc. What a relief to have facts to work on. I have not sold on Amazon before, but will venture forth knowing that my risk has been limited. Going in with both eyes open is definitely the way to do it.
I was pleasantly surprised by the Jungle Scout team as well. I thought I’d be going it alone as soon as I bought the software, but the team genuinely want to see you do well and have been there to answer some of my questions – being Australian I had a few extra ‘worries’. It’s nice to have such an enthusiastic, approachable and knowledgable team in your corner! Well done Jungle Scout! Keep up the good work!


Love Jungle Scout and Greg and the team. Besides the tool being so useful and easy to use the Jungle Scout team also creates so much free valuable content it’s one of few places you’ll need to go to help get you past the learning curve of selling on Amazon.


Great product! I love it. Found a few things that I will be selling on Amazon. Also super great training. Easy to follow and extremely thorough. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to be in this business or someone already in this business who is looking to add more products.


Jungle Scout is a tool that has helped myself and countless other people to find freedom and success in their lives! It is far more user-friendly than other alternatives that can be found and is also priced in a way that can make using it an option for every Amazon seller. I really can’t say enough on how much Jungle Scout has helped to truly change my life. I would personally still be a loyal user of jungle scout if it was double or even triple the price it is as it is worth 1000 times more than that to me overall. Thank you jJngle scout


I’ve recently started my Amazon business and I’ve found Jungle Scout to be a great source of helpful information. I use the Chrome extension and find it extremely useful. I also love all of the other resources Jungle Scout makes available, such as their videos.


The guys and girls at Junglescout are amazing. In addition to their wonderful paid software they are giving away a tremendous amount of free content and building a large amount of goodwill. The case study has been timed perfectly for me and has really helped to ease me into launching my first product. I am certainly confident of succeeding and part of that confidence is based on the data I can get from Junglescout web app and extension but also the free content.


Jungle Scout is an invaluable tool for all Amazon sellers. Thanks in part to Jungle Scout and Greg’s case studies I was able to launch a successful Private Label product and even get the Amazon’s Choice tag one month after it was in stock.


Very down to earth, honest, factual and practical information. The videos are all full of real life situations and take you down to the perfect detail.
Value for money these guys can’t be beat.
Keep up the good work.


I have been using the Jungle Scout Pro for more than a year now and I found it very useful and informative. I also always enjoy your blogs and webinars when I can listen to them. However when your webinars are at night, I find it difficult to concentrate on any subject and I have missed a few.

Overall, I consider your company trustworthy and generous in your approach and teaching. Thank you for what your bring to my learning experience and to my business.


Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension is a great tool in my Amazon research arsenal. Bonus — the team at Jungle Scout is the best you will find anywhere. Super responsive, they fix every problem I’ve ever had and never make me feel stupid (admittedly, I ask some stupid questions!)

This one is a no brainer — highly recommended!


Greg Mercer and the Jungle Scout gang are great bunch with a lot of fine products, including Jungle Scout. I sell private label products and use it every day. It isn’t always perfect, but what is…..it’s still great at giving some relative bearing on competition in any market you care to research.


Jungle Scout is an amazing company with awesome people. First, the products are great. They have two separate products and I use both all of the time. Second, they have so many free resources and learning opportunities! Third, they keep coming up with new products that are actually useful to my business. Love them!


I love JS!
5 stars!
I trust Greg and the staff for current ccurate reasoned information, strategies and opinions. Invited guests are knowledgeable, involved and immersed in FBA and provide interesting antedotal and experential information.


Literally, don’t know how I would do product research without Junglescout. The value of getting new ideas, and validating those ideas is priceless.


Super user friendly, excellent customer service, up to date relevant Amazon information, with the latest strategies and tactics for increased sales. What more could a seller want!?


I’ve use the product tracker as well as the chrome extension. Great products. I have found, sourced and am now selling my first product on Amazon and about to list my second both of which I found through the chrome extension. If you’re an Amazon seller this is a must-have tool


Jungle scout has been one of the best purchasing decisions I made when entering online sales and marketing. The ability to do my market research and make decisions based on the instant data provided has been key.
Great product, great service, easy to use and really glad to see JS keeps on delivering to high standards!


All around a great product, great company and a great mission. Jungle scout makes finding a product to sell soooooooo much easier. I’ve heard a few people complain about he price but in reality, if you cant afford it then you shouldn’t be selling on amazon – the value you get for the money is well worth it. I tested the estimated sales vs my products and they’re more or less correct. One product was accurate within a few sales and the other was underestimated by about 5% which isn’t too bad. It does kind of suck the extension doesn’t work on mobile but I understand this isn’t JS fault, google just doesn’t have compatibility. I would love to use it on my phone while watching tv.


Greg is fantastic. The time he spends teach pro bono is testimony to what a fine person he is. The Jungle Scout software is really amazing and easy to use.

The chances of your surviving on Amazon with out his training and software has got to be really low. Watching his videos and using his software gives everyone a real chance of success. Can’t say that in any other business endeavor.

I don’t know him, never met him, but really respect him. I’m 71 years old and a CPA. Never had such good guidance.


I have been using the Jungle Scout Web app and chrome extension for my product research and have found these tools to be user friendly, simple and extremely powerful. They are great tools that have easily made my research process 20 times faster. However, the main reason I am writing this review is because I was absolutely blown away by how exceptional their customer support is. Being relatively new to selling on Amazon I have run into every question you can imagine. Each time I have asked their customer support team for help they have not only quickly answered, but they have taken the time to reply in detail so I understand and can move forward confidently. I do not normally leave reviews but out of appreciation for how great their customer support is and for how valuable their tools have been I felt I needed to share my experience – I highly recommend Jungle Scout!


It does everything it says as advertised with no problems at all and very user friendly. It’s a real time saver for product research and really minimises a lot of the risk involved before investing in products to sell on Amazon.

Definitely recommend!!


Great tool to kickstart a selling career on Amazon
This is the tool that can speed up your product research stage of your Amazon selling career. Speed up I meant from riding a bike to become a rocket boosted passenger. You would definitely be addicted to have Jungle Scout alongside as your companion for getting the right product to sell on Amazon.


Can’t say enough good things about the Jungle Scout tools. Not only do they cut hours off of my product research and selling, but the blog articles, podcasts, training, and e-books are amazing! Would recommend to ANYONE who wants to get into the sellers game or wants to refine their existing process.



My brother and I are using it to track some products within the mexican amazon marketplace, we are following the “Amazing” online course while using the jscout tools. So far it’s been quite helpful for us.


Jungle Scout is a must have tool in any retail business. You must know what the buyers are buying and how much they are paying. With JS you find this out instantly and more.
I would recommend this site to anyone who wants an edge in this business.


Yes, you read it correctly. This product is so GOOD, I don’t want anyone else using it. This software totally levels the playing field. Whether your a big time baller Amazon Seller or just getting started, if used correctly this software takes all the guess work out of picking a product to sell.
Hats offs the Staff at Jungle Scout for their wonderful foresight. And please don’t tell anyone else about this product!!!!!


i use Jungle scout, it s very good tool for usa and europe market. it works properly and gives us very good information. Also, you can download an excel files when you have done your research. The only one point, that it s quiet expensive when you start and don t have lot of money. the App it s very good you have a trial and also course available online.


Jungle scout is an essential tool for sourcing product. Sometimes after awhile the monitor will just look like ants crawling all over the screen because there is so much information to try and sort through. Jungle scout collects that information and helps make sense of it. You can even sort the information for the information that you want or need and it does so quickly and effectively. Jungle Scout, if you are serious about Amazon you need this.


The Jungle Scout Chrome extension is fantastic. It is a MUST HAVE tool for anyone studying the competition and analysing new products in Amazon. The ability to Sort certain columns like Sales Revenue, Qty etc would make this already awesome product even better. Even without this ability, it is head and shoulders above the competition.


I was hesitant at first to purchase this software because it looked too good to be true. It is an absolute must have in your arsenal if you are even thinking of venturing in the world of Amazon (not the forest)! ๐Ÿ™‚ Greg could have kept this brilliant piece of software to himself (or maybe shared it with Gen) and created a billion dollar private Amazon label business for themselves in no time because it takes 14,400 times longer to do a product research without it. Without this software it would take 5-6 months to do the same amount of thorough product research which takes Jungle Scout only 15-20 mins. The nice guys that they are (Jungle Stix launch is an example!) they decided to share this with the world.

There isn’t enough space in this box for me to say all the good things about JS because I have to say something about the crew as well. Every time I have had some issues or gotten stuck with the software a live person has always been on the other end to help me out. Greg has put together a fantastic team together. Wish I could have been a part of that team. It would have been a blast working for them. The vibe I get is that they have a blast at work.


This tool will save you 100’s of hours of research.

I am currently using it for product research in order to start selling on Amazon via FBA.

Jungle Scout is intuitive and give you lots of actionable information that would otherwise be a pain to source on your own. It also has plenty of useful instruction videos on YouTube, should you ever need any help.


I love the Jungle Scout browser extension. I can see at a glance if a product is a viable investment. Its also a great way to see what’s selling in various categories. The videos and blogs are very helpful and informative as well. An all-around excellent company that truly empowers others in their journey to success. Here’s to a vibrant and prosperous New Year for us all!


JS is one of the best softwares out there. Personally, I use the web app and it has accelerated my product selection process manifold saving me a lot of time. I also love the product tracker feature of the app as it gives me realistic estimates on how well a particular product is doing. Love it!!


These two apps work great together. Using the Web App I have discovered a product that has only 2 serious competitors. Yes, it did take me many hours and much research but it looks like I have discovered a winner. Highly recommended!


I have really found the content that Jungle Scout & team provide extremely helpful. I strongly encourage people to invest their time reading the articles and watching the videos as well as purchasing some of the tools they offer – you will get invaluable returns. Keep up the great work guys, what you’re doing has a meaningful impact on people’s lives because you’re helping them, even in a small way, by providing useful tools for a successful FBA business.


Boths the extension and the webspp are really good and save a lot of time. I think they have some place for Improvement but in the last webinar they talked about some new stuff will be added so ๐Ÿ˜‰ really happy with JS anyway.


Honestly, before I used junglescout I was tempted to start putting spreadsheets together because I’m a business major. My first time was hell, once you start inputting formulas, so that alone took about 4 hours. However, once I found junglescout, thank god someone thought about it and took the initiative to building a program that generates everything for you. Just amazing, I no longer have to worry about formulas, everything is just a click of a button.

Thank you guys!!!

Freddy Suarez JR


In and of itself, the Jungle Scout suite is extremely beneficial and I would highly recommend it to anyone venturing into the Amazon seller’s marketplace. However, the commitment of the Jungle Scout team to ensure the success of every Amazon seller (JS user or not) through webinars, blog posts, tutorials and videos sets them apart. As a newbie, I feel better equipped and more confident because of Jungle Scout. And, I’m certainly looking forward to reaping the benefits of their guidance and assistance!


Jungle Scout is great! I’ve used both the extension and web app for a while now and they’re really nice for determining demand on Amazon and whether a particular product or niche is profitable.
Pros: great user experience, click the little JS button and you have all the info you need on the Amazon page. Super fast support, one time I emailed them at like 8pm on a Saturday night (i’m a night owl) and they responded like 5 min later… how is that even possible?
Cons: sometimes there are products on Amazon that JS doesn’t estimate sales for. I know this is Amazon’s fault because they don’t publish the best sellers rank, however, I wish JS could figure a way around it.

Final thoughts – even if you don’t use the software, their website has the best educational content from anywhere on the web. I even paid for a thousand dollar course once and the free information on Jungle Scout was better.


I started selling on Amazon as a retail arbitrage seller to make money on the side but it soon became too time consuming. I knew I wanted to make the jump to running my own full-time business. Jungle scout was the key to my success in finding the right products to private label. Now I use the software every day to track my competitors and find new ideas & trends. The helpful blogs and webinars that Greg and the jungle scout team provide have helped me SO much. Now I am running a successful (and growing) business and I feel in control of my own life! Thanks to jungle scout for empowering me with the right data and advice ๐Ÿ™‚